Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fossett's Plane Wreckage Confirmed

I saw a glimmer of hope when a plane wreckage was found in California today. Though it has been confirmed that it's Steve Fossett's plane, Police say that "no man can walk out of this one"... a small tear came out of my eyes and I just wished I could have continued this blog... think of it... the news could have been different!

It's amazing, a man who lived for so many years and I didn't care about him apart from reading the headlines he made for all his stunts. And now, that he is dead... I thank him every time I see myself growing in the blogosphere... inspired by a missing man, exactly a year ago!

I've decided to keep all my blogs, free of ads, for two days in his respect.

You can read the full story...

Police in the United States have confirmed the wreckage of a light plane found in a remote area of eastern California belonged to the millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett, who disappeared while piloting the aircraft a year ago.

The search resumed yesterday after a hiker found items belonging to Mr Fossett.

The county sheriff, John Anderson, says the crash was so severe that no-one could have walked away from it.

Most of the fuselage had disintegrated, with engine parts scattered for several hundred metres.

He says there was no body in the plane, but rescue crews were searching the crash site for human remains.

"They found enough wreckage to salvage that it was an aircraft," he said.

"They found a plate with the N number identifying it as the plane that belonged to Fossett."

The plane wreckage was located about 3,200 metres up the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the vicinity of Mammoth Lakes, California.